Welcome to my travel adventure blog.

About myself

My name is Simon, I’m an Australian from Fremantle on the west coast. I’m now in my thirties and a family man.

I sometimes feel like society is always tell I g me to settle now that I’m a family man. I truly love being a husband and a dad, but there is so many awesome adventures still to explore. So, bugger that, luckily my wife agrees.

I’ve always been a big fan of the outdoors either surfing, hiking, Rock climbing or whatever new interest I’m having.

How I got into travelling:

My work was what got me out of my comfort zone and into the bigger world. As a specialized service technician in the maritime industry. My work gave me some of the greatest opportunities to travel. One week I might be in Japan then the next I’m flying to New Zealand on an emergency job. I’ve been escorted by military choppers in east Timor and lost on a highway in rural China.

When I was in my early 20s this was awesome. I traveled all over getting up to mischief and adventures where ever I could.

I enjoyed travelling so much more than working. In 2010 I quit my job and took off around the world for a year.

When I did emerge back home in Australia, it was hard to assimilate. After a awhile I re-joining my old job (with a pay rise) and started to renovate a house with my girlfriend (now wife).

I enjoyed fixing up the old house, but I missed travelling more. So, a couple of years later, myself and the misses where back on the road.

We traveled over 6 contestants, from Asia though Europe and onto the Americas. With a wedding in Las Vegas at the end.

It was another year long journey filled with surfing, scuba diving and lots of good times and some great family catch up.

Now I’m back living in Australia though have moved to Melbourne on the east coast. But I’m still chasing the next and new adventure.

Apart from travelling, I’m a hug fan for outdoor adventure sports. Though my focus is only on a few these days.


I’ve always surfer. Well ever since year 5 in primary school in North Fremantle. Learning to surf was part of the curriculum (and hopefully still is), so a few times a week during school for physical education we went surfing at the local surf beach.

Ever since though early days, I’ve been a little frothing grom in the surf.

Nothing’s really changes apart from the board collections.

Scuba diving:

What can I say, I really like scuba diving.

I’ve always enjoyed the ocean. So when I started scuba diving it was like a switch flicked on inside.

The combination of exploration, technical equipment and knowledge plus vertical freedom (like flying), diving just works for me.

I completed my open water on the island of Utila Honduras. My Advanced open water on Gili Trawangan (awesome party island). In Mexico, South from Cancun in Playa Del Carmen. I continued my scuba training until I became a Dive master with PADI. Diving in Mexico was a great time for me, on average is was diving 3 time a day from offshore reefs, wreaks and of course cenotes (underwater caves)

I need to continue my journey with scuba diving, so I’m currently looking into become an instructor. though I want to focus on diving more wreaks and cave dives first.


Climbing has become a new obsession of mine. I found myself needing a new adventure sport. Melbourne is an hour and a half away the surf, which is too far champ or a daily surf.

I had tried climbing a few times before and really enjoyed it. But I struggled peruse the sport because I already had a lot of activities I was already invested in.

But without the distraction of surfing, kite surfing or other new sport.  I committed to the ropes and I haven’t look back since.

Rock climbing is seriously some fun shit. It’s like playing a jigsaw puzzle with your body that’s right on the edge of falling.

My journey with rock climbing has become a sport I intend to peruse into bigger and higher places.  It’s already given me new purpose to travel to new designations.

I really want to climb some big walls!

Apart from the travelling and adventure sports

I have always been into photography. And before a started a career in the maritime industry, I studied photography at collage.

Photography, a love of drawing and design. Was a key, in the idea of bringing my blog together, using all these different aspects. I wanted to bring together these different aspects into one platform. So, I can share my experiences, tips and stories.

Hopefully you enjoy and find them useful on your own journeys to adventure.

Hope you explore the world, its and awesome place.